Apartheid Free Zones

An Apartheid Free Zone (AFZ) is a space of solidarity with the Palestinian people

It can be a local business, labour union, student association, or even an entire city.

It can be a physical space like a theatre or restaurant, or it can be a conceptual space like a book club or sports team.

Examples of AFZs

In London, Ontario, the grocery coop Reimagine Co became an AFZ during the Israeli bombing campaign in May 2021.

In Switzerland, the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA) of the Geneva Graduate Institute voted in November 2021 to become an AFZ.

In Seattle, the African American Heritage Museum and Cultural Centre declared itself an AFZ .

And in Montpellier, France, over 100 local shop owners declared their stores to be AFZs, pledging their support for Palestinian human rights.

Three Steps Towards Starting an AFZ

Identify a local business or association that may be sympathetic to the cause.

Organize a meeting with the owner, management or board of directors.

Once it is declared an AFZ, publicize your support to the world by encouraging people to shop there or to support the organization.