Life Under Apartheid

Israeli apartheid negatively impacts the lives of Palestinians living in the occupied territories, inside Israel, and in the diaspora. Find out more about what apartheid looks and feels like for Palestinians who experience it every day, in a myriad of ways.

Apartheid Laws in Israel

There are over 65 Israeli laws that discriminate against Palestinians in Israel, the occupied territories and the diaspora.

Medical Apartheid

Under international law, as an occupying power, Israel has an obligation to provide and sustain health care in the occupied Palestinian territory. Despite this fact, the healthcare system is in shambles in Gaza, ambulances are routinely delayed at checkpoints in the West Bank and a multitude of Israeli measures hinder Palestinians’ access to quality health care.

Childhood Under Apartheid

Israeli apartheid has serious consequences on access to education, healthcare and the rights and freedoms of Palestinian children.

Housing, Water and Electricity

There is a wide range of documented evidence which demonstrates that Israel systematically discriminates against Palestinians when it comes to access to housing, water and electricity, not only in the occupied Palestinian territory, but also within Israel itself.